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Trademark Registration in Mangalore

About Trademark?

Trademark is a Logo, Brand Name, Word by which customers recognize your Brand or Service as no one other has the right to copy your logo and brand name once it is trademark is Registered. So what are you waiting for ? want to protect your brand name and logo from others then Trademark Registration is the right choice. Suntew Business Solutions is here for you, offering straightforward Trademark Registration services in Mangalore, ensuring your brand is protected with ease and reliability. We have more than 300 customers in Branding services.

Why You Should Register a Trademark? Reasons

Registering a trademark is essential for various reasons, offering substantial advantages to your business:

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Mangalore

Registering your trademark in Mangalore specifically offers advantages tailored to the local business environment:

Protect Your Business with Suntew's Expertise in Trademark Registration in Mangalore

In the competitive business landscape of Mangalore, safeguarding the identity of your enterprise is paramount. At Suntew, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in this dynamic environment, and we are committed to helping you protect your brand through comprehensive trademark registration services.

Our team at Suntew, equipped with extensive knowledge of local and international trademark laws, is dedicated to ensuring a seamless registration process for your business in Mangalore. We recognize that a trademark is not just a symbol; it is the embodiment of your brand's reputation and values. By choosing Suntew for your trademark registration needs, you are partnering with experts who prioritize the security and longevity of your business identity.

In Mangalore, where innovation and tradition converge, Suntew stands as a reliable ally, guiding you through the complexities of trademark registration. We take pride in offering personalized assistance, meticulous trademark searches, and a commitment to ensuring that your brand is legally protected. Choose Suntew to navigate the path of trademark registration in Mangalore, and fortify your business against potential challenges while setting the stage for sustained growth and success.

trademark registration consultants in Mangalore

Process for Trademark Registration in Mangalore

  1. Start with Research: Begin by checking if your desired trademark is unique. Ensure no one else is already using a similar mark for similar goods or services.

  2. Choose Your Classes: Identify the categories or classes that best describe your products or services. Trademarks are registered under specific classes based on their nature.

  3. Prepare Your Documents: Gather necessary information like a clear representation of your trademark, details about your business, and a list of goods or services covered.

  4. File Your Application: Submit your application to the official trademark office. You can do this online or by mail. Pay attention to the filing fees, which may vary.

  5. Examination Process: The trademark office reviews your application. If there are issues, they may ask for clarification or corrections. Be prepared to respond promptly.

  6. Publication of Your Trademark: If your application passes examination, your trademark will be published in an official journal. This allows the public to raise objections if they believe your mark is too similar to theirs.

  7. Addressing Objections (if any): If there are objections, you'll need to address them within a specified time. This might involve negotiations or adjustments to your application.

  8. Registration and Issuance of Certificate: If there are no objections or they are successfully resolved, your trademark will be registered. You'll receive a certificate confirming your exclusive rights.

  9. Renewal: Trademark registrations typically last for 10 years. Ensure you renew it on time to maintain your protection.

  10. Monitor and Protect: After registration, keep an eye on the market. If you spot anyone infringing on your trademark, take legal action to protect your rights.

Documents Required
  • Normal Documents
  • GST Copy
  • 2 Purchase Bill
  • 2 Sales Bill
  • We will prepare all other required documents
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Requirements for Trademark Registration

  • Any word, title, symbol, heading, label, name, signature, numeral or any combination.
  • Any Slogan, Base or Punch Line, etc. which are used to describe any product better.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Protects your hard earned Brand & goodwill in the business.
  • Protects your Name / Brand Name from being used in a same or similar fashion, by any other business firm, thus discourages others from cashing on your well built name and goodwill.
  • Gives your products a status of 'Branded Goods' or Registered Mark.
  • Gives good value and impression to your customers that the company is selling some standard Products or Services.
  • The exclusive right to the use of the trade mark in relation to the goods or services in respect of which the trade mark is registered.
  • To obtain relief in respect of infringement (misuse by others) of the trade mark.
  • Power to assign (transfer) the trade mark to others for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What can I trademark?

You can trademark your:

Brand name: The name of your business or service.
Logo: The visual representation of your brand.
Slogan: A catchy phrase associated with your brand.
Sound: A unique sound associated with your brand.
Design: A distinctive design element of your brand.

   What services do trademark registration consultants offer?

1. Trademark search and availability check.
2. Selecting the right category for your trademark.
3. Filling out and submitting the application form.
4. Communicating with the Trademark Office throughout the process.
5. Handling objections and legal proceedings (if necessary).
6. Renewing your trademark registration every 10 years.

  How long does the trademark registration process take?

It typically takes 6-12 months to complete the process, depending on any objections or challenges.

  How much does it cost to register a trademark?

The cost of registering a trademark in Mangalore can vary based on several factors. The official government fees for filing a trademark application range from INR 4,500 to INR 10,000, depending on the type of applicant and the number of classes the trademark is filed under. Additionally, legal and professional fees for assistance, trademark searches, and follow-up processes may vary, typically ranging from INR 7,000 to INR 20,000 or more, depending on the complexity and services offered by the chosen consultant or law firm. It's advisable to consult with a trademark professional for a detailed cost estimate based on your specific requirements.

  What happens if someone infringes on my trademark?

You can take legal action against the infringer to stop them from using your trademark and seek damages.

  How long does a trademark registration last?

Registrations last for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely.

   What are the benefits of trademark registration in Mangalore for my business?

Trademark registration in Mangalore enhances legal protection, brand recognition, and market differentiation, offering a competitive edge and facilitating business growth locally and potentially internationally.

   What is the role of a trademark registration consultant in handling objections or oppositions?

Trademark registration consultants in Mangalore assist in addressing objections or oppositions by providing necessary documentation, negotiating with parties involved, and ensuring your interests are protected.

   What are the common reasons for trademark application rejection in Mangalore?

Common reasons include similarity to existing trademarks, descriptive marks lacking distinctiveness, or failure to comply with legal requirements. Working with consultants helps mitigate these risks.

   Where can I get more information about trademark registration?

The Official website of Intellectual Property India is a great resource: